To enable accessible, Christ-centred, quality education for children and young people, in the Auckland Region

The KingsWay Trust's vision began with concern about government-led initiatives to introduce a more liberal, humanist philosophy into NZ’s state education curriculum.

It held the conviction that Christians are responsible for the moral and spiritual state of their nation, and therefore, that Christians are responsible for the raising up of godly leaders in every area of society.

The founding principles on which the Trust’s vision is based are to build and develop schools with the aims of providing education that:

  1. Keeps the Bible as the ultimate authority in all matters relating to life and faith,  emphasizing the need for a personal salvation experience and teaches the necessity of knowing the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Has children become true disciples of the Lord Jesus and grow to become servant-hearted leaders who function as salt and light within society.
  3. Finds ways of teaching all subject areas from a Christ-centred perspective.
  4. Provides a non-denominational base that would encourage unity within the Body of Christ.
  5. Avoids over-preoccupation with academic achievement to where it could hinder the development of godly character within students’ lives.
  6. Keeps school fees low enough to be affordable for average Kiwi families.
  7. Grows in numbers, age range and experience with a view to being able to provide Year 1 - 13 education.
  8. Becomes a working model of Christ-centred education that could inspire and help other groups to form Christian schools.
  9. Lays a foundation for distance learning that will one day serve a wider community than can be accommodated by the geographic restrictions of bricks and mortar facilities.