Chairman's Report

for year ending 31st December 2018



This year has been one of significant growth and new opportunities for the Trust.

Once again, the family of KWT schools and entities came together at mid-year for our ‘Stakeholder Review’, enjoying food and fellowship throughout an evening designed to provide an overview of Trust activities and the place each person and entity holds across our organisation.  This has become an annual event of real value where we can report on the progress of the Trust and for our key stakeholders to get an appreciation of the part they play in the bigger picture, at the same time celebrating the achievements and contributions of those who labour in God’s work and our fields.



Jireh, Avondale

The Establishment Board of Trustees for Jireh Christian School continued to provide effective governance as the school completed its inaugural year on the Avondale campus.  Transition arrangements have gone particularly well and earned positive praise from the Education Review Office in all areas, with added support from Governance Facilitator Ray Webb.  We thank Ray for his contribution and while he and Board Chair Richard Thornton have stepped back, the Board has decided to continue with some co-opted members until triennial elections occur in May 2019.

KingsGate, Pukekohe

Work continues on the development of the new campus in Pukekohe for KingsGate School.  Despite delays in obtaining necessary compliance approvals, confidence and hope remain high for a transition to the new site from some time in 2020. New Principal Jared Stein has led a mostly new staffing team with distinction and is relishing the challenges of a growing roll and investigating modern pedagogy within a Christian Education paradigm in his new role.

KingsWay, Silverdale

KingsWay School continues to be the ‘engine’ that powers the KWT and the wider work of the NZCPT. Roll growth has begun to match the surrounding urban development of the Silverdale basin and strategic, operational and maintenance plans have all been developed during the period to provide a better working platform from which the Board and Proprietor can more effectively plan.  After a lengthy consultative period, work was undertaken to modify the Junior Campus pavilions to enable more effective curriculum delivery in these innovative learning environments.  Work was also carried out on the refurbishment of the Allen Block. We record our appreciation to Kaya Lombaard for her leadership in these endeavours.

Horizon, Snells Beach

With the Change of Class approval for Horizon School, a surge of new enrolment applications has seen the roll effectively double for the beginning of 2019. Notwithstanding the blessing that this clearly is, the associated demands of providing high quality special character staffing and additional property facilities for this influx has meant a challenging year for the Principal and Board of Trustees.  We recognise and appreciate the excellent leadership of Helen Pearson in this regard, in addition to her valuable work as the leader of the Kahui Ako over the past 12 months in the Rodney area.


We are delighted to welcome Stephanie Corban as a new Trustee during the year. Stephanie, a practicing lawyer has been closely associated with Immanuel Christian School previously and we welcome her thoughtful insight in matter of Christian Education.


We rejoice that the ‘local identity’ of our schools provided each with their own unique set of reflections and challenges, at the same time knowing that Christian Education has a common core of belief and desire to see the risen Christ glorified in the lives of the young people who attend our schools.  The NZCPT implemented a series of Annual Special Character Reviews this year, to complement their triennial reviews, providing a less formal but intentional milestone opportunity for all stakeholders to gather and reflect on this unique aspect of our education delivery.  These were well attended and are provoking deeper, thoughtful reflections.

 Our schools continue to look to us for guidance on the development of Special Character education, with relevant, meaningful ways of communicating a ‘faith and life’ context that honours our biblical traditions, at the same time building a resilience to live a strong Christian life and example in a 21st century world.The work begun last year by the KWT led by Carl Becker and Peter Wilding, joined latterly by Luke Fenwick, towards a 20/20 Vision for Christian Education delivery in all of our schools has seen the Trust partner with Laidlaw College as we explore, through a series of discussions, a disposition that can then be shared with our school leaders.Our work in developing a Theological Framework, a refreshed Statement of Faith and more defined Special Character Guidelines is being co-created with our school leaders, facilitated through the theological leadership of Laidlaw College staff to good effect.This work will be peer reviewed in early 2019, ahead of a formal adoption and celebration in 2020 as planned.


The financial resources of the Trust continue to be carefully stewarded and accurately reflected through the work of our financial controller Ken Brown.  We extend our thanks to him for his willingness to provide timely and considered information that has proved valuable once again in our decision making.  It should be noted that roll growth will continue to be the main source of revenue as it generates funding from the Ministry of Education.  The reliance on debt funding for capital development needs to be carefully considered and managed going forward, as the opportunities to grow our network of schools are likely to outstrip our ability to fund that development, particularly when there are no other obvious sources of equity capital for the Trust to access. Our thanks go to the Finance subcommittee ably led by Stuart Shepherd who keep these difficult tensions in balance.


Kingsway Educational Services Ltd

A wholly-owned subsidiary company of the Kingsway Trust.  Delivering high quality, Christian pre-school education from three sites at Red Beach, Silverdale and now Snells Beach. KES Ltd has enjoyed another outstanding year in all areas of performance measurement.  We extend our warm congratulations to Centre Manager Debbie Stratton for her continued faith-filled, prayerful and cheerful leadership of this dedicated team.  This entity reports separately and, while consolidated into the Trust accounts, the reader may wish to understand their work by visiting their website and reading the Chairman’s Report.

Create Campus Trustee Ltd

A wholly-owned subsidiary company of the Kingsway Trust. Established following the purchase of the Lifeway Campus in Snells Beach, this entity is a collaboration that endeavours to honour the intent and ministry of the land purchased and dedicated to the Lord, at the same time serving as a future development opportunity for the growing and adjacent Horizon School as their roll expands to include Middle and Senior School students.  We record our thanks to Directors and Managers for their services to the Trust this year in their various labours, extending a welcome and thanks to Lee Richmond as the new Campus Manager who has had such a positive impact on Campus activities this year.


Significant growth comes with its challenges making good communication with our key stakeholders even more important. My thanks to Warren who has made this a priority and also to our Trustees who have freely given of their time to enable us to move forward together as a team.

 Having made communication our priority it is the Trusts intention to focus on developing a clear 10 year plan over the coming year, in consultation with our stakeholders, that will clearly set out the development paths for each school site  so we are unified around our development path going forward. We are mindful of the scripture that states that ‘those who dwell together in unity COMMAND a blessing’ (my emphasis), and we have definitely been blessed over this last year as we move forward in unity of purpose.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Trust over the year and I look forward to working with you over the coming year with ALL its challenges and blessings.


Vaughan Darby