To know, to love, to serve.

KingsGate School


Jared Stein


Jared comes to KingsGate School as an experienced Principal, most recently at Hikuai School near Pauanui.

Jared looks to lead in a way that builds and creates harmony and emotional bonds in an environment where people come first.  He is a visionary and likes to bring a 'come with me' enthusiasm built on clear communication to his leadership role.

Jared holds a degree in Education and Social Policy, together with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Primary Education from Victoria University in Wellington.

He identifies his leadership strengths in areas of curriculum knowledge, enjoying regular classroom practice, digital technologies, school finances and building school culture and cameraderie.

Personal benevolence, recognition of others in their achievements and milestones, ingenuity and an active lifestyle that include social interaction with students are hallmarks of Jared's personal style.

A committed Christian from his early years involved with the Salvation Army, Jared reflects that life is good when walking close to the Lord and life is harder when not doing so. He currently enjoys an inter-denominational fellowship and in so doing, brings a breadth of Christian perspective to KingsGate School in 2018.  

We are delighted to welcome Jared to lead this growing school through the next important stage of its growth and development.


From the Principal's Desk

The daily commute is a common part of the working day for many parents, with considerable time spent negotiating the distance between home and work with others facing the same challenge of distance and access. Jared’s journey, while of similar distance, takes him across the Hauraki Plains daily on a journey that allows him the time to be both inspired for his leadership role and to be thankful for the blessings of each day as it is completed.

KingsGate School is on a learning journey that includes both young and old(er). The School values have recently been refined and considerable work is going into the concept of ‘service learning’, where each person in the community is conscious of various biblical injunctions to be thoughtful of the needs of others in all of the decisions that we make.

Planning, reflecting and professional learning are a constant for a school that seeks to continually enrich its special Christian character, at the same time as preparing for a long-awaited relocation to a permanent home and a purpose-built facility designed to meet the needs of our current and future learners.


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